AKG N400 ANC TWS Earbuds Quietly Appeared On Samsung South Korea Website For 229,000 Won

It is official. Samsung-owned AKG has its first true wireless sound earbuds. Designated model N400, it was released without fanfare. It was just quietly posted on its parent company’s South Korean website.

Samsung Shove An AKG Speaker Into Its 2018 Fridge Lineup Because, It Can

For some reason, the folks over at Samsung think the cold box in your kitchen deserved to be equipped with a premium quality sound speaker from AKG. Yes. AKG on a refrigerator. Perhaps, having a speaker on a fridge solely for the purpose of audio alerts is nothing of a biggie or even news, but …

AKG Y55 DJ Headphones

normally, a pair of DJ headphones is not quite suitable for everyday non-DJ, but with the AKG Y55 DJ Headphones, it is designed specifically for both. you can expect this pair of DJ audio cans to deliver “legendary AKG signature sound with enhanced bass” in a piece of hardware that is said

AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones

if you are looking at reference-grade headphones such as those served up by Harman, then we can safely assume that one, you are dead serious about sound quality and two, flashy cans like those from Beats are a little over the top for you (save for their Executive cans). if the aforementioned holds true for you, then the AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones (a Harman brand…

AKG by TIËSTO Headphones

there’s nothing like knowing that a pair of headphones that you are listening to is the result of a sweet marriage between a expert audiophile-grade equipment maker and the tuning and styling of a world renown DJ/producer. in this instance, we are referring to the new AKG by TIËSTO Headphones that comprises of three models: K67 TIËSTO, K167 TIËSTO, and K267…