AKG K3003 reference class three-way earphones

AKG K3003 reference class three-way earphones 544x340px
(image: AKG) AKG K3003 reference class 3-way earphones | about £1,000.00 | www.akg.com

when we heard wind about these premium buds – the AKG K3003 reference class 3-way earphones, we are generally very excited. not that anyone of us can actually afford its premium price tag of about £1,000 (about US$1,619) but it is the design that had us totally hypnotized. awhile back, we were teased with a short video which ends with a final render of the buds but we weren’t impressed until today when read and see more images of this pair of premium buds. earphones might be small but the housing crafted out from a single piece of stainless steel really took our breath away. we can’t say for sure about the sound until a proper audition is done but for now, most of us just can’t take our eyes off it.
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attention to detail goes beyond and above the call of basic aesthetics – stainless steel theme continues to the ‘steel-skinned’ inline remote, the encasement for the rose gold plated 3.5-mm jack and even the cable’s ‘Y’ splitter bears the stainless steel mark. finally, it is bestowed with fabric and silicone mixed cable that offers a tangle-free and frustration-free handling. under the hood, the K3003 is equipped with 3-way hybrid technology that includes a dynamic driver and a pair of armature drivers with provides a maximum output of 15mW. for such a premium price tag, you will get a purposed designed genuine leather case for K3003, three sizes of ear sleeves, in-flight adapter and audio adapter cable. another close-up look and a product teaser video after the break.

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