xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC and Amplifier

If you are into audiophile cans, you would know that some high-end headphones will require amplification to realize their full potential. The xDuoo XA-10 you see here will let you do just that and then some. The XA-10 is a high-performance balance digital-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier.

xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC and Amplifier

It features two AK4493EQ DAC chips for digital-to-audio conversion, enabling the XA-10 to support PCM 32-bit/768 kHz, DSD 512, and full MQA decoding. Meanwhile, double amplifier chips complete the fully balanced circuit, eliminating noise interference and crosstalk between sounds caused by shared ground wires.

The device is able to accommodate a variety of hardware – thanks to its 6.35-mm single-ended and RCA outputs, as well as 4.4-mm and 4-pin XLR balanced outputs with a maximum power output of 4,000 mW. Inputs are xDuoo XA-10 support high-definition USB audio input and can be connected to the USB interface of a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or Hi-Fi player, supporting up to PCM32-bit/768 kHz, DSD512.

In addition, it also supports HD coaxial and optical input, allowing it to be hooked up to desktop CD players, digital turntables, and whatnot, supporting up to PCM 24-bit/192 kHz, DSD64.

xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC and Amplifier

Those are not it. It is wireless-capable too, supporting high-definition Bluetooth input, including SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX_LL, aptX_HD, and LDAC format transmission. This means you can connect the xDuoo XA-10 to various Bluetooth playback devices, such as your smartphone, if so desire.

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However, I doubt any audiophile would settle for anything other than wired headphones. In any case, it is an option for times when there is only Bluetooth input or you just feel like it.

You can learn more about this versatile DAC/amp over at xDuoo.net. However, you may want to purchase it on Drop.com instead where it is heavily discounted at US$299 (U.P. US$479).

Images: xDuoo.