Have you ever gotten too immersed in a game that your feet involuntarily moves? If so, we think your feet needs to be part of the action and the 3DRudder Feet-controlled 3D Navigation and Motion Controller is what you need to get started. 3DRudder is the first product from France-based outfit called 3D Rudder and as both the product and company name implies, it is a rudder-like controller, much like the rudders used by flight simulation fans, where you will use your feet as part of the control process. The major difference is, this rudder is more capable, allowing you to use your feet to navigate 3D environment through tilting, pitching, rotating and more.

3DRudder Feet-controlled 3D Navigation and Motion Controller

With the 3DRudder, 3D Rudder wants to get people start using their feet beyond flying simulators and aims to be compatible with a variety of software, such as 3D graphics software and games outside of, well, again, flight simulators. Due to its multi-axis nature, you won’t expect to find pedal-like setup like those found on a vehicle. Instead, 3DRudder is a round, one-piece device that resembles a weighing machine, albeit a round one – complete with footprint, just in case you don’t know that you actually need to rest your feet on it. The device is primarily geared towards professionals and gamers, but 3D Rudder proposed that it could easily be integrated for use with existing games, which means anybody can use with a bit of practice.

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The company is also working to get game developers to work 3DRudder into their gaming engines so that future games can take advantage of this new found, additional control. While we welcome this additional form of control, we are not going to pretend that we’re not a bit skeptical, especially with regards to the potential strain to the ankle when use for gaming where gamers usually get too immersed and excited. However, 3D Rudder said the 3DRudder “provides natural sensations without required effort or causing fatigue.” For now, we will take their words for it.

If you are sold by the idea, you can actually acquire one to give it a go. For a pledge of $110, you will secure one for May 2015 delivery, but whether if it will materialize depends on the success of its Indiegogo campaign, where the firm hopes to raise at least $50,000 to it to production and eventually put this in your hands, or more appropriately, under your feet.

Indiegogo via Tom’s Hardware

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