AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones

AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones
AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones | US$329.00 | www.akg.com

if you are looking at reference-grade headphones such as those served up by Harman, then we can safely assume that one, you are dead serious about sound quality and two, flashy cans like those from Beats are a little over the top for you (save for their Executive cans). if the aforementioned holds true for you, then the AKG K551 Reference Class Headphones (a Harman brand, if you don’t already know) might just be the cans of choice to satisfy your discerning audiophile taste. sporting a closed-back design with enormous earcups that swallows your sound hole whole, it provides great passive noise isolation and generous 50mm (2″) drivers that employs AKG’s Real Image Engineering for an impressive 3D soundstage. along with the undisputed sound quality that AKG/Harman has been known for, is an inline remote with integrated microphone for music control and taking calls while a fold-flat design facilitates ease of storage when packing it into your backpack or briefcase. i.e. it is made for black-suited road warrior who demands nothing but the best in audio reproduction. aesthetically, it has the unmistakable executive styling with its sharp look and a black suit friendly black and silver finish. sure, it don’t have trendy look but it will least let your staff and your boss alike take you seriously. available now for $329 a pair.

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