PrintPen Multi Materials Portable Printer

Many everyday gadgets have their pocket size versions, but printer remains the one gadget that cannot be shrunk, or is it? Apparently, it can, but this printer is not that the printer you may have imagine.

Yes, the PrintPen you see here is a printer. An inkjet of sort in fact, but it is not quite for printing documents as one would have expected a printer to do. I wanted to brand it is a fun, or perhaps even a novelty gadget.

PrintPen Multi Materials Portable Printer

But the thing is, it can be used with a robotic arm to automatically label shipment boxes with barcodes makes it more than just a novelty product. It is also a productivity gadget and a creativity gadget.

I am pretty sure no one ever asked for a pocketable printer, but here it is anyways. And you know what? It could be a gadget that no one knew they needed until it exists.

The product seems a little too magical to be true because, PrintPen literally prints on any surface, including even human skins. Now, who’s down for temporary tattoos?

With it, you can print stuff on virtually anything you fancy, including shoes, plates, t-shirts, hats. The list just goes on and on. You can even use it to create and print business cards too.

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It works wireless with a companion app that lets you do the design part and then print use PrintPen.

PrintPen Multi Materials Portable Printer

Think of PrintPen as a label-making machine, but one that does not limit itself to narrow strips of paper, or require any paper to begin with. Despite its diminutive package, it can actually print stuff that larger than the hardware itself. I am totally fascinated.

The best part is, it is real and available to anyone who is willing to drop $119 for one. If you are keen, you will have act soon because, PrintPen’s Kickstarter campaign will end in 10 days.

The campaign is funded. Very well funded as a matter of fact. According to its project page, delivery is estimated to be December 2019.

Images: EVEBOT.