When it comes to bumping up the screen-to-body ratio, Chinese handset makers are relentless. We have already seen quite a number pretty novel ideas coming out of China, including the so-called inverted or reverse notch, the most anticipated under display camera, side protrusion, and more.

Speaking of bumping up the screen-to-body ratio, Xiaomi is frilly fervent in this regard. The company was also behind the idea of inverted notch and now, we heard, it has filed a patent for new kind of sliding camera (pictured up top).

In this patent, which was filed last June, the thin rear-facing camera slides up to reveal a front facing camera. The same concept can be applied to any location on the back of the phone, including a rather awkward side slider:

Xiaomi Patent for Sliding Cameras for Smartphone

It is worthy to note that the patent filed was apparently for the exterior design and not how the camera actually works, which means it does not contradict what others have already done, i.e. sliding camera design.

Also, it is merely a patent which, whether or not it will be adopted remains to be seen. This one of many Xiaomi’s patent to achieve a high screen-to-body ratio is nothing crazy compared to its twisting display concept. In fact, that twisting display concept was filed just a month after this sliding camera idea.

Images: CNIPA via Pigtou.

Hat tip: Pigtou.

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