The race for true edge-to-edge display without the interruption of front-facing camera continues. We have seen quite a few of them, ranging from the under display camera to pop-up camera to protruding notch. And then there’s the rotating or flip camera that uses a set of cameras for both front and back.

Rotating camera system is exacting what Xiaomi is contemplating, but with a brand new twist (pun totally intended). What you see here is essentially a split display that allows about 1/5 of the top display to be rotated around the axis to bring the main camera to the front for selfies. Ambitious to say the least.

Is it even possible without sacrificing screen resolution? If you ask me, I highly doubt this will even see fruition. It could be yet another patent that never see the light of implementation as in most of the cases. I money is on protrusion (with latest seen in Lenovo’s patent filing) and under-display camera.

Images: CNIPA/Xiaomi.

Source: Weibo (@吐槽科技君) [CH].

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