What you see here is Xiaomi’s latest take of how to not share the display with the front-facing camera module. Yes. You are not seeing things here. Xiaomi actually has this crazy idea of a what essentially is a reverse notch, as revealed by a patent it has filed. Instead, carving a spot for the camera module, which result in the much loathe notch, Xiaomi wants to put the front-facing camera outside of the phone body, resulting in a rather awkward protrusion.

The external notch will be home to a dual camera setup, as well as the receiver. The result is an interrupted display. Come to think of it, it feels like Xiaomi is merely shaving the sides of a notch much like turning the notch off on some Android devices. Except that this one does not have physical form to either sides. If you know what I mean. Xiaomi is no stranger to the pursuit of uninterrupted full-screen display. Previously, it has even attempt to locate the camera to the chin instead (I have personally tested it and believe me, that was not a good idea).

Xiaomi Patents External Camera Notch

It also worthy to note that this odd protrusion Xiaomi is proposing isn’t new. Just last month, ZTE has pitched the idea of a side protrusion with the ZTE AXON V smartphone. Somehow, ZTE’s proposition looked a little less awkward. A little. The quest of an uninterrupted edge-to-edge display has led to the disturbing notch trend started by Essential Phone and subsequently, popularized by Apple.

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It looks like Apple is sticking by the notch with the upcoming iPhone XI, while others have tried all means and ways to get rid of the notch with a variety of pop-up camera and even pop-up swiveling camera. Notch, pop camera and external bump are not what we need. What we need is a breakthrough in front-facing camera technology, or more specifically, a camera module that is hidden under the display. I am pretty sure that can be done. It is like teleprompter technology, isn’t it?

Anyways, as far as this oddball Xiaomi proposition is concerned, we think it is better off if we keep the entire top bezel. Just saying…

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