Well, I sure did not see this coming. We are talking about the recent uncovering of Razer patent filed for a handheld gaming device. And it is not the portable gaming device that I didn’t see it coming. What I didn’t see it coming was a design that looks suspiciously like Nintendo Switch.

According the recent patent filed, the yet-to-be-named Razer portable gaming device features a large touch display, flanked by two detachable control modules reminiscing that of Nintendo JoyCons.

Razer Handheld Gaming Device Patent

However, function wise, Razer’s proposition or planned device is more than a Nintendo Switch wannabe. It is also an entertainment device (read: tablet) for other entertainment, such as watching movies and possibly, surfing the net, other than gaming.

Dutch news outlet LetsGoDigital uncovered the patent and promptly did what the news outlet does best: create a render based on the patent information and diagrams.

Razer Handheld Gaming Device Patent

The result is a decidedly Razeresque handheld gaming device that looks sleek and sophisticated, but due to its similarity to Nintendo Switch, I am afraid Razer has to brace itself for some backlash if it ever become a reality.

Then again, tech companies with the R&D muscle such as Razer are patent filing-happy. That said, this might just be another patent that never see the light of production. But here’s to hoping.

Images: LetsGoDigital.

Source: T3.

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