SeatyGo Detachable Bicycle Seat

What’s the worst thing next to getting your bicycle wheels stolen? Well, getting the seat stolen, of course. Even if the saddle did not get stolen, you’d run the risk of it becoming the toilet of the free birds soaring the clear blue skies, or at the mercy of the elements. With SeatyGo, those issues are pretty much non-existence.

SeatyGo Detachable Bicycle Seat

SeatGo solves those issues by NOT giving thieves a seat to steal and NOT giving the birds to a place to poop on. From the maker of the bike seat lock, Seatylock, SeatGo is an innovative bike seat and the first and only detachable bicycle seat.

Thanks to a patented design, the saddle rails and the saddle platform are separated which therefore allow SeatyGo to be quickly detached and reattached to the bicycle.

With a to-go seat, you will steer clear of all the risks, from theft to bird’s droppings to Mother Nature’s wrath. Altogether, there are three models to choose from, namely, Dynamic, Urban and Ebike. Each saddle is designed to suit a variety of personal and cycle styles.

Seatylock has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its latest ware. For a pledge of $60-70, you can secure yourself a unit. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign meets or surpasses its funding goal, you can expect SeatGo at your doorstep sometime in January 2020.

Images courtesy of Seatylock.

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