Meet SeatGo, A Super Sleek, Detachable Bicycle Seat

What’s the worst thing next to getting your bicycle wheels stolen? Well, getting the seat stolen, of course. Even if the saddle did not get stolen, you’d run the risk of it becoming the toilet of the free birds soaring the clear blue skies, or at the mercy of the elements. With SeatyGo, those issues […]

Seatylock Redesigned Bicycle Saddle/Lock Hybrid For Urban Riders

Bicycle with integrated bike lock isn’t new and so is a saddle that could double as a bike lock. The Seatylock, as the product name implies, is one of the latter. These folks had quite a support on Kickstarter when the first iteration was introduced two years ago. In between, the company has introduced a […]

Unknown To Most, BMW Designworks’ Portfolio Also Includes An e-Bike Saddle And Even A Backhoe

Unbeknownst to most, BMW Designworks have been around for quite a while now – 22 years to be exact, since BMW acquisition in 1995. For those who don’t already know, the creative consultancy has been involved in a lot of design and consultancy works across various industries. The more recent works include conceiving, in collaboration […]

Taxidermy Bike Saddle by Clem Chen

art takes on many forms. we all know that, but one that involves bike saddle is, well… refreshing, especially when you have taxidermy in the mix. the concept of combining taxidermy with a bicycle saddle seems hard to grasp, but when you look at Canadian artist Clem Chen’s Taxidermy Bike Saddle, everything kind of makes sense…

designer saddle for your bicycle from Kashimax for Paul Smith

i don’t know Paul Smith personally, hence a collaboration between the British designer with Japan’s specialist bicycle saddle maker, Kashimax came as a surprise to me. the result is this…