Bicycle with integrated bike lock isn’t new and so is a saddle that could double as a bike lock. The Seatylock, as the product name implies, is one of the latter. These folks had quite a support on Kickstarter when the first iteration was introduced two years ago. In between, the company has introduced a couple more products, and today, it has another. Called Seatylock Gel, this saddle here is designed to look out for urbanites’ butt.

Seatylock Gel Bicycle Seat/Lock for Urban Riders

In addition to the patented bicycle seat/bicycle lock, Gel features a wide ergonomic seat made from orthopedic foam and a pair of strategically placed special compound gel pads that will help distribute and reduce the stress on the rider’s lower pelvic bones. Designed with electric bikes and city cruiser in mind, the combination of a wide ergonomic form and the gel pads, Gel affords riders the comfort level needed to go the extra miles.

Seatylock Gel Bicycle Seat/Lock for Urban Riders

Beyond that, it is the Seatylock you can be transformed into a bike lock in a matter of seconds, thus saving you the hassle of bringing along a separate bike lock. Each Seatylock Gel is outfitted with automotive standard cylinder that has over a million key variation to lessen the odds of it being picked. Each Seatylock Gel comes with three keys, a key duplication car and a universal adapter that will allow it to fit virtually any type of bikes. If you are up it, you can pick up a unit as a pre-order on Kickstarter for $75-85, depending on how soon you act on it.

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Images courtesy of Seatylock.

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