SILCA Tattico Bluetooth Bicycle Mini Pump

If you are serious about riding (on a bicycle, that is), then there is a good chance that you care about the pressure in the tires, more so if you are planning to go on a long ride and out onto the beaten trails. If so, you will probably want to get acquaint with Tattico Bluetooth bicycle mini pump from bicycle accessories maker SILCA. Ah… I am sure just the word ‘Bluetooth’ would have already pique your interest. SILCA took its Tattico mobile pump and massage a Bluetooth technology into it, thereby enabling reliable pressure reading straight from the mini pump, in real-time, to your mobile device via an easy-to-use app called iGauge.

Rated at 120 psi, SILCA Tattico Bluetooth bicycle mini pump stands out with its innovation design that allowed Bluetooth-enabled pressure sensor into a fully sealed, shock resistant, and waterproof section at the base of the pump body. The real magic here is, it does so without even bumping up the size by even an millimeter.

“TATTICO’s internal working components are inverted. The hose and check valve are housed in the inner-tube of the pump rather than the outer cylinder commonly seen in other designs. This design protects the Bluetooth pressure sensor from the elements and vibrations experienced out on the road or trail which will enable it to function reliably and accurately in all conditions.”

Like its non-Bluetooth twin, SILCA Tattico Bluetooth fits onto bag and because of its compare form, it can be easily tuck away in a pannier or bag if you so desire. Finally, it is compatible with both presta and schrader, and it is accurate too, with readings accurate to within +/- 2 percent. SILCA Tattico Bluetooth Bicycle Mini Pump is available for pre-order now from SILCA website, priced at $120 a pop. Delivery is expected to commence starting August 31, 2017.

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Images: SILCA.