there are two things you don’t usually associate with KIA Motors: one, luxury and two, rear wheel drive, but that’s until now. meet the 2015 KIA K900 Luxury Sedan, the new flagship from the Korean automaker that has it sight aim squarely at the luxury sedan segment and it is rear wheel driven. rear wheel drive is hardly a forte of Korean automakers and the same goes to luxury. i, for one, never view any Korean ride as luxury, sporty yes, but never luxury and with respect to a car, to me, a real car is marked by left-hand drive and rear-wheel driven, and i guess i could say we finally see a real car coming from KIA. aesthetically, the K900 is a pretty handsome and has a somewhat Jaguar-ish front end and a Lexus-cross-Beemer rear end, and a very BMW-isque silhouette.

power comes from a choice of V6 or V8 petrol units, with the former being a 3.8-liter unit with 311 hp and the latter, a 5.0-liter V8 outputting 420 horses. both engine is mated to a eight-speed automatic gearbox with Eco, Normal and Sport shift settings. the range-topping V8 sits on 19-inch wheels with big, low profile rubbers, namely 245.45R-19 up front and 275/40R-19 at the rear, and also sports feature like a long 119.9″ wheelbase, wide tracks (63.9″ front and 64.1″ rear), underbody panels for aerodynamic efficiency, adaptive LED headlights packed with 16 LED bulbs, LED tail, position, signal and fog lights, power and heated rearview mirrors with integrated auto dimming, Blind Spot Detection System, dual chrome-tipped exhaust, a luxuriously appointed cabin comprising of the obligatory leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, leather-clad interior, LED interior lighting, white sycamore or dark charcoal poplar-wood trim on dash and door panels, a 12-way adjustable driver’s seat – heated and ventilated, and more.

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basically, it is a luxury car, so expect the car to be pampered with the opulence both inside and out. no word on the pricing structure for the 2015 KIA K900 Luxury Sedan until its official launch next year. in the mean time, we would like to invite you to check out some awesome images of the K900 in the hi-res image gallery below.

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