When I was a kid, I had to earn my keep. Meaning, if I want toys, I had to earn through good behavior, good grades, or when I was little older, acquire it myself from the money I had saved from my pocket money. I would think it should not be any different today. However, you can make it a little more fun like, say for example, getting your kids to build their own toys which, thanks to Toybox 3D Printer for kids, you can easily achieve. There’s not need to hit up the workshop which will put your junior at risk. What a time to be alive, don’t you think?

Toybox Affordable 3D Printer Just For Kids

Toybox is the first 3D printer in market designed specifically with children in mind that requires absolutely zero training. So, in this respect, it is exceedingly simple to operate and with a growing catalog of 500 plus toys, kids and grown ups alike can print anything ranging from small action toys and blocks, to figures, instruments, jewelry, and more. Furthermore, with advanced high-resolution 3D printing technology Toybox has to offer, the end products will be highly detailed and requires no further post-print touch up. But of course, you totally can guide your kids on how to improve the finishing with risk-free tools like, for example, going over with a sandpaper.

Toybox Affordable 3D Printer Just For Kids

Moreover, all models have been pre-optimized, therefore you can rest assure to know that printing will be swift. In addition to having a selection of toys from a growing catalog, children can be challenged to explore their creative side by creating their own toys – even from a source as simple as a digital drawing. Now, that’s pretty impressive. Basically, Toybox is a one-touch 3D printer which puts kids in control via a dedicated app, website, or the integrated LCD display. It even has built-in WiFi which kind of make it a standalone computer of sort.

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Toybox Affordable 3D Printer Just For Kids

A few other details worthy of noting include access to Toybox cloud for storing and sharing, a zero maintenance design, non-toxic and biodegradable print materials (corn-based PLA), and a thoughtful, patent-pending print bed design that can be bent to assist in removing finished prints which negates the need for the use of dangerous sharp tool.

You can find Toybox 3D printer for kids over at Indiegogo where it is hoping to raise $40k to make it a reality. The printer is ready to be roll of the production line in September and so, if the campaign garners enough love, a contribution of $249 will ensure you get a unit in January 2018. However, do note that $249 per unit is, as of now, limited to the first 50 sets. And if all goes as planned, a pledge of $319 will ensure a unit gets to you in time for the Holiday season. Continue reading to watch the pitch video to learn more about Toybox, or if you are willing, jump right to the campaign to pick out more details on the perks the campaign has to offer.

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