More Stuff From Polaroid Unveiled at CES 2017

Rest assure that this blog and these few posts are not sponsored by Polaroid. I wish it was, so we could stop worrying about our finance. Anywho, there are few more products coming from this 80 year old company which serve to further cement that fact that it is here to stay after being revived. These products include a spanking new smartwatch series, Chromecast built-in Smart TVs, an updated Cube action camera, its first 3D pen for EU market, and 3D printer and 3D pen for North America markets. We shan’t bore you with details; instead we will give you a quick rundown, starting with a new smartwatch and fitness tracker series.

Polaroid smartwatch and fitness tracker
Polaroid smartwatch and fitness tracker

Offered variety of designs and colors, Polaroid smartwatches are Bluetooth-enabled, works with Apple or Android smartphones, and boasts “anti-loss technology” to prevent smartwatches won’t stray too far from their smartphones. In all, four smartwatches and two fitness trackers are unveiled with smartwatches touting features like push notifications, integrated fitness tracker, up to 1.54-inch display, and microSD card support. Two of the four smartwatches get SIM card support, allowing it to be used as a standalone phone. Prices for smartwatches start at $79.99.

Fitness tracker, on the other hand, is pretty much what it said it is. Depending on the model selected, you can expect up to 0.91-inch OLED display with functionalities like push notifications and the ability to measure a myriad of parameters, including sleep, heart rate, and pedometer – just to pick out a few. Next is a line of 4K LED TV that has Chromecast built into it, allowing you to stream contents from popular entertainment, music and movie apps. A built-in decoder enables streaming to be carried out in glorious, eye-watering 4K resolution.

Polaroid UHD TV with Chromecast
Polaroid UHD TV with Chromecast built-in

Polaroid 4K UHD with Chromecast built-in comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 43-inch all the way up to 75-inch. With the exception of the 75-inch model, which will be available in Q1 2017 at $1,999.99, these UHD TVs are set to hit the shelves early 2017 with prices from $499-$999. Up next is an updated action camera, Polaroid Cube+, now boasting WiFi connectivity. Cube+ works with both iOS and Android via an OS-centric app that serves as a viewfinder and control to this super cute camera. Images and videos can be saved directly to the users’ smartphones or tablets using the app too, and it, of course, supports live streaming on popular platforms like Facebook too.

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Polaroid Cube+ WiFi-enabled action cam
Polaroid Cube+ WiFi-enabled action cam.

Cube+ also said to tout better image resolution (8MP stills; up to 1,440p@30fps videos) and improved memory (up to 128GB as compared to predecessor’s 64GB), and battery life (107 minutes at 720p@60fps). As before, Cube+ is shockproof, weatherproof, splash-resistant and still super cute. Oh, we said that already? Hmmm. Polaroid Cube+ WiFi-enabled action camera is available now, priced at $149.99 a pop. And finally, there’s the first-ever 3D pen for EU market called Polaroid Play and 3D printers and 3D pens destined for North America.

Polaroid Play 3D Pen
Polaroid Play 3D Pen for EU market

3D pens for North America has two models, a ‘regular’ DRW100 and a wireless DRW101. The latter is loaded with built-in battery and comes with a charging stand. Both 3D pens will be bundled with 10m of start filament to get you started. As for 3D printers, three models, PLN1, PLG1 3D and PLG1Pro, are being offered – all touting 100 microns print layer resolution and uses 1.75mm filament, with the PLG1 3D featuring built-in camera for progress monitoring and the Pro model, a dual printing head for dual color prints.

Polaroid Play will be available in Europe, priced at 39.99 euros in February 2017 while the Polaroid range of 3D printers and 3D pens are slated to be available at retail outlets in North America starting July and March, respectively. As for prices, it ranges from $499 to $799 for the 3D printers and $129 to $149 for the 3D pens.

Polaroid 3D Pen
Polaroid 3D Pen for North America market
Polaroid 3D Printer
Polaroid 3D Printer introduced to Canada and U.S. markets.

All images courtesy of Polaroid.