it is no secret that Polaroid is trying all its might to reinvent itself. it has, to date, serves up a slew of gadgets, covering every segment imaginable including tablets, digital instant cameras, action sports camera and such, to keep up with times and now, it has a new cute little guy joining the sports and action video cameras department that will have the cuteness aspect covered as well. meet CUBE, the newest action camera that (arguably) unlike no other. it measures a minuscule 1 3/8 inches (35 mm) and has everything that makes action cameras, an action camera, but none that would burden it down. it is, basically, a no frill, super cute video camera.

The Polaroid CUBE Action Camera

it has a magnetic base, allowing you to stick it to any ferrous metal surfaces, but Polaroid is also offering a host of mounting options including helmet mount, bike mount, tripod mount, strap mount, suction mount, a pendant case (if lifelogging-style recording is your kind of thing) and a monkey stand. yes. even a monkey, which looks pretty awesome. well… in a cute way. packed within its rubberized body is a 124-degree wide angle lens and sensor capable of Full HD video (or 720p, if you prefer) and 6MP stills, a microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB and a built-in battery good for up to 90 minutes recording. befitting its status as an action camera, the CUBE is water resistant up to six and half feet (2 meters). the Polaroid CUBE Action Camera can be yours for $100.

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