the greatest danger while on the road is distraction – even more so for motorcyclists where things are a little less forgiving. with the motorbikes, the rule is to keep your eyes glued to the road. but how are you going to achieve that when you have to check on blind spots and side mirrors are as ineffective as they are? the solution comes in the form of a high-tech motorcycle helmet known as SKULLY AR-1. billed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, SKULLY AR-1 features a heads up display (aka HUH) – made possible by a tiny transparent display located at the corner of the rider’s field of view – that projects a live feed from a near 180-degree rear-facing camera, thereby solving the age-old problem with blind spots and inefficient side mirrors.

SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet

in addition to being able to see what’s behind without turning your head, the HUD can also display turn-by-turn directions, display incoming calls and other notifications when paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. an onboard speaker and microphone allows for hands-free calling, read back text messages and even streaming of music. as far as head protection is concerned, the helmet is DOT/ECE Certified and boasts a slew of features including a lightweight, aerodynamic (read: futuristic) polycarbonate shell, a scratch resistant, fog and glare-free visor, quick release chin strap and visor, fully adjustable flow-through ventilation to keep your head cool, 3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit, and an Outlast lining that reduces perspiration by 70 percent.

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electronic aspects are governed by a high-speed microprocessor and naturally, juiced by an onboard battery that’s good for 9 hours of continuous use and recharged through any standard micro USB cable. the SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet is available for pre-order over the next 29 days through Indiegogo for a special introductory price of $1,399 with shipping expected to happen sometime in May 2015. there is a video down below to psyche things up a little.

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