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Hudly Wireless Head-up Display Lets You Drive Like A Fighter Pilot

As useful as smartphone is, it is also a tool that kills when use while driving. In fact, in the U.S., the National Safety Council estimated that cell phone usage while behind the wheel is the culprit behind 1.6 million traffic accidents each year. Even if folks can resist the temptation of replying to text while driving, there is no saying no to navigation which has become an essential of driving. Well, that won’t be case if your car has built-in navigation, but trust me, my time with a Renault Scenic with such feature requires you to look away from the road. The one solution that will address this deadly issue is a technology born out of fighter jet and that’s head-up display, or HUD. Continue reading Hudly Wireless Head-up Display Lets You Drive Like A Fighter Pilot

BMW Brings Concept Motorcycle With Laser Light And HUD Helmet To CES

BMW Motorcycles is taking its two new safety concepts to CES this year. The first is laser light, adapted for motorcycles and a helmet with a head-up display. The former found its way into the BMW K 1600 GTL concept motorcycle and is a derivation of the design from the automotive division. While laser light can be found on the company’s 7 Series and i8, it is the first time laser technology has been applied to the company’s two wheelers. Laser headlamps touts precise, bright and pure-white light, and has a pretty amazing high-beam throw of up to 600 meters, which is double than that of conventional headlights. In addition, laser technology has a compact, robust and maintenance-free construction that affords a long service life. Continue reading BMW Brings Concept Motorcycle With Laser Light And HUD Helmet To CES

Hudway Glass Leverages On Your Smartphone to Add Head-up Display to Your Vehicle

I was a proud owner of a vehicle that had a head-up display built-into it. It was a big deal as that was a late 1980s coupe, but the insurance was a killer and the reason being? The car requires a front windscreen with special coating for the HUD to work and being an import, it kind of adds to the cost in the event of a replacement. Fast forward today, HUD is still not for everyone; it is reserved for a handful of expensive cars. Though there are third-party add-on solutions, they are not cheap either. Startup Hudway thinks it need not be the case. Their first product, called Hudway Glass, can turn your do-everything smartphone into a head-up display for your car. Continue reading Hudway Glass Leverages On Your Smartphone to Add Head-up Display to Your Vehicle

Jaguar Wants To Eliminate Blindspots Forever With ‘Transparent’ Pillars

After previewing the transparent hood and the virtual windscreen in the first half of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover is back with a new piece car tech with the aim of making driving an even safer affair. While the transparent hood takes on the off-road terrain and the virtual windscreen is focus on race track, this new concept is kind of a mash up of both, but adapted for urban environment. The new development will turn the vehicle’s pillars, when viewed from within the car, ‘transparent’ and also adds a ‘Follow Me’ ghost car to aid in navigation. Refer to as the ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’, the concept aims to turn the roof pillars transparent so that you, the driver, can have a 360o view of the outside. Every driver knows that this whole time, they are actually ‘making do’ of the current situation i.e. enduring partially obstructed view caused by pillars, be it A, B or C. Continue reading Jaguar Wants To Eliminate Blindspots Forever With ‘Transparent’ Pillars

SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet With Heads-up Display, Rear-facing Camera Now Available For Pre-order

the greatest danger while on the road is distraction – even more so for motorcyclists where things are a little less forgiving. with the motorbikes, the rule is to keep your eyes glued to the road. but how are you going to achieve that when you have to check on blind spots and side mirrors are as ineffective as they are? the solution comes in the form of a high-tech motorcycle helmet known as SKULLY AR-1. billed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, SKULLY AR-1 features a heads up display (aka HUH) – made possible by a tiny transparent display located at the corner of the rider’s field of view – that projects a live feed from a near 180-degree rear-facing camera, thereby solving the age-old problem with blind spots and inefficient side mirrors. Continue reading SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet With Heads-up Display, Rear-facing Camera Now Available For Pre-order

Navdy Puts iOS And Android-friendly Head-up Display In Your Car Without Breaking Your Bank

head-up display, though developed as far back as the 80s, is a rarity in automobile. its existence is usually reserved for expensive or newer cars. what happen if you want a piece of this advanced technologies on your existing ride? well, there is Navdy. Navdy is a portable Head-up Display, which works somewhat like Garmin’s, but with more functionality packed into it – thanks to the integration with your Android or iOS phone. what Navdy does is to port your smartphone experience to the HUD, beaming information and notifications from your smartphone via a tiny projector to a 5.1-inch wide transparent HUD, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Continue reading Navdy Puts iOS And Android-friendly Head-up Display In Your Car Without Breaking Your Bank

Land Rover Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging

when driving, what you see immediately ahead of you is actually not the road; it is the bonnet and this is even more pronounced if you are on a SUV or off-roader which happens to be a lot higher than regular cars. if Land Rover has its way, the hood is no longer what you will see; you will see the ground beneath, including the angle and position of the front wheels, so you will know exactly if there are any obstacles under the front of your ride and where you rubbers are pointing towards. we don’t know about you, but to us, that sounds like a dream come true. this technology, aptly dubbed Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging is still at its prototype stage and will be making its way to meet the world at the upcoming New York International Motor Show. so how is this ‘transparent hood’ even possible with the engine, among the many things, in the way? Continue reading Land Rover Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging

Garmin Portable Head-up Display

as good as any of today’s in-car navigation system is, you will still need to take your eyes off the road. even with the voice directions from your friendly Lord Vader, we still need the visual assurance that we are going the right way. with the Garmin Portable Head-up Display (HUD), it will make your in-car navigation a little less of a dangerous affair by projecting the much needed information such as current speed, speed limit, turn indicator and the distance to the turn, and the estimated time of arrival, on to your ride’s windshield with a special transparent film, or onto an attached reflector lens. basically, the said information will be along the driver’s line of sight, thereby allowing you to keep your eyes on the road as you are guided by the navigation info. the Garmin Portable Head-up Display also works in conjunction with turn-by-turn directions as provided by compatible Garmin or Navigon app via your smartphone speaker or through a Bluetooth-connected car stereo. Continue reading Garmin Portable Head-up Display

Oakley Airwave Goggle

Oakley Airwave Goggle
Oakley Airwave Goggle | US$599.95 | www.oakley.com

there are apps out there that offer you realtime data such as airtime, speed and attitude when you hit the alps but can you read those data without having you to take your eyes off your path and do they protect your eyes at the same time? we see. they can’t but with the Oakley Airwave Goggle you can. it features a tiny Heads Up Display (HUD) built-in to the goggle that’s equivalent to a 14-inch display watched from five-foot away and it is located at the bottom right of the wearer’s periphery which means, information can be read without literally taking your eyes off from whatever you are doing. Continue reading Oakley Airwave Goggle

information direct to your eyes with Zeal Optics Transcend GPS

Zeal Optics Transcend GPS 544px
(photo: zealoptics.com) Zeal Optics Transcend GPS | from US$399 | www.zealoptics.com

you don’t to be a fighter pilot or an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter pilot to get a heads up on real time information. the Zeal Transcend GPS winter sports goggles have a built-in GPS, with a tiny display inside the right lens, feeding the user with real-time location, speed, altitude and jump info right into your eye. granted, this isn’t a true ‘head-up display’ (HUD) but this is the closest you get for now.

it even comes with a USB port (what gadget doesn’t come with USB these days?) for downloading and analyzing stats on your computer (PC & Mac compatible). it has, not surprisingly, a Google Map overlay. ok who does not use any Google products, please raise your hand. oh, everyone huh?

two lens types are available for your choosing: the SPPX polarized + photochromic lens (aka transition lens) and the SPX polarized lens. the Zeal Transcend GPS starts at €399 (approximately US$695). a small price to pay for not getting lost in the snow white alps. i think.