As useful as smartphone is, it is also a tool that kills when use while driving. In fact, in the U.S., the National Safety Council estimated that cell phone usage while behind the wheel is the culprit behind 1.6 million traffic accidents each year. Even if folks can resist the temptation of replying to text while driving, there is no saying no to navigation which has become an essential of driving. Well, that won’t be case if your car has built-in navigation, but trust me, my time with a Renault Scenic with such feature requires you to look away from the road. The one solution that will address this deadly issue is a technology born out of fighter jet and that’s head-up display, or HUD.

Hudly Wireless Head-up Display

HUD in automobile isn’t new. One of my previous rides, a 1989 S13 Nissan Silvia, had it, but that being an ancient tech, it was merely for casting the speed. Fast forward to 2018, we have the Hudly Wireless Head-up Display. Add-on HUD for cars isn’t new either, but Hudly second generation HUD is wireless, so it’d look more integrated and more aesthetically pleasing. Anything that does away with is good in our books. The way Hudly Wireless sits a top of your dash, directly in your line-of-sight, kind of turn your car into a fighter jet.

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Hudly Wireless Head-up Display

With Hudly Wireless, you can cast the smartphone app of your choice or navigate with the Hudly app. The latter is, obviously, optimized for use on a HUD like Hudly. Moreover, users can also connect the optional smart modules such as OBD2, so that parameters like gas, mileage et cetera can be cast onto the HUD as well. All the information is relay onto a clear, high-resolution display with wide angle of view and automatic brightness adjustments, while a built-in projector speakers and voice control support make for a true hands-free interaction HUD experience.

If you are keen, you pick up the Hudly Wireless Head-up Display from Hudly website for a special introductory price of $299 a pop.

Hudly Wireless Head-up Display

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