Minimis Glass World’s First Standalone Smart HUD Sunglasses

If you really think about it, smart glasses like the TCL RayNeo X2 revealed earlier this year are essentially a pair of eyewear with a head-up display or HUD. The Minimis Glass from Sydney-based startup Minimis Technologies is no different, except that it does not need a smartphone to work.

Minimis Glass is the world’s first standalone smart HUD sunglasses and oh, yes, it is a pair of sunglasses with a sports eyewear design that, when used for cycling, effectively adds HUD to your bicycle.

It is good for runners too. In fact, this pair of high-tech sports eyewear is designed for runners and cyclists, allowing them to see everything they need on the upper third of the natural field of view so do not need to take their eyes off the track or trail.

Another standout feature of these smart glasses is the use of a waveguide solution with the integrated OLED microdisplay that offers substantially higher resolution than any other device on the market.

Minimis Technologies said that the Minimis Glass offers a 500-nit display at a resolution equivalent to a 63” 1080 screen viewed from 10 feet (3 meters) away.

Minimis Glass is able to provide real-time, customizable performance data (with a one-second refresh rate) and precise tracking of the stats that matter to users, including time, speed, distance, and heart rate.

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Minimis Glass World’s First Standalone Smart HUD Sunglasses

An onboard GPS allows for mapping with turn-by-turn navigation while built-in eSIM support, along with WiFi and Bluetooth, lets you enjoy your favorite tunes without being weighed down by a phone.

The smart HUD glasses pack two 650 mAh batteries, one on each temple, offering up to 7 hours of operation on a single charge.

As a pair of eyewear, it boasts an anti-fog polarized transition lens and has water resistance and non-slip construction.

Other highlights include 4G LTE connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+, Qualcomm QCM2290 chip, Adreno 702 GPU, 2 GB LPDDR4X RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage, and a lightweight construction that weighs just 90g (3.17 oz).

The Minimis Glass will sell for US$699 when it becomes available. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts/runners/cyclists can sign up to reserve a unit over at the Minimis website.

Images: Minimis Technologies.