Billed as revolutionary glasses, the TCL RayNeo X2 Augmented Reality harnesses pioneering binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide displays alongside an array of new interactive features that promised to offer “unparalleled AR experiences for users.” Unlike the TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses that we saw at last year’s MWC, the is not a private video viewer.

TCL RayNeo X2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The TCL RayNeo X2 is a full-on wearable AR system that looks like a regular pair of eyewear, well, albeit a little retro-ish due to its thick frame. Considering what this little guy has to offer, it is quite a technological feat.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, the TCL RayNeo X2 boasts a host of convenient features, including a smart GPS navigation system that uses simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Yes. That is the same navigation technology you find on robot vacuum and self-driving cars.

In addition, the eyewear supports gesture recognition and has the ability to showcase nearby landmarks as you move, as well as show messages and call notifications on the screen wireless via Bluetooth, pushed from your smartphone.

Thanks to its high contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1 and brightness of up to 1,000 nits, the TCL RayNeo X2 is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

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TCL RayNeo X2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The smart eyewear also has auto-translation built in. When speaking face-to-face, it automatically detects and translates in-person conversations with subtitles displayed on the screen. No bug in your ear is needed.

The TCL RayNeo X2 AR Smart Glasses is an imaging device too. It takes stills, videos, and even time-lapse from the first-person perspective. It boasts image stabilization to minimize shakes and there is an auto night mode to record in low-light environments.

Finally, users will be able to listen to their favorite tunes through a unique “whisper mode”.

The TCL RayNeo X2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses will be available for the developer community in select regions by the end of Q1 2023 which will follow by a commercial launch later. Meanwhile, you can learn more in the official reveal at CES 2023 in a CNET video below.

Images: TCL.

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