While the world is still waiting for an actual bipedal humanoid from Tesla and Xiaomi to make it into consumers’ homes, robotic company Aeolus presents the next closest thing: aeo. aeo is the closest thing you can get to a humanoid and it has seen real-world use in eldercare and property management.

aeo Autonomous Dual-arm Humanoid Robot

aeo is an autonomous dual-arm humanoid robot that is capable of operating elevators and opening swing doors. aeo is outfitted with third-generation arms by Aeolus, with each arm having an eight-pound (3.6 kilograms) lift capacity and boasting seven degrees of freedom (DOF).

The aeo features plug-and-play attachments and integration with third-party developers which further boasts its versatility to include tasks like delivery, security, eldercare, kiosk operation, and ultra-violet germicidal disinfection – just to name a few.

The robot’s vision algorithms provide a wide range of capabilities, ranging from determining the posture and position of residents for eldercare safety to detecting open windows or even misplaced backpacks when performing security roles.

While the aeo Autonomous Dual-arm Humanoid Robot has just debuted at CES, it is not new. It has been deployed in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taipei. In Japan, in particular, it is serving the eldercare industry and property management companies. If you are interested to learn more, you may hit up the Aeolus aeo product page.

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Images: Aeolus.

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