We suspect Xiaomi has plans to take over the world. OK, maybe just plans to take on Tesla and Boston Dynamics. In addition to announcing that it will enter the automobile market and immerse itself in the development of self-driving technology in recent years, the company introduced its take on the robot dog at last year’s summer keynote. This year, it introduces yet another robot, called CyberOne.

Xiaomi CyberOne Full-size Humanoid Robot

CyberOne is bipedal humanoid. Yes, really! And it has a working prototype too. Though it is not necessarily a full-fledged autonomous robot yet. In the presentation on August 11, it looks like the robot “demoed” was being remotely controlled. But the fact that it has demonstrated some level of articulation and walked on two is in itself pretty impressive.

The CyberOne is a human-size. It stands 177 cm (5.8 feet) tall and tips the scales at 52 kilograms (115 lbs), and has 21 points of articulations. It can walk briskly at 3.6 km/h (2.2 mph), albeit in a rather non-human way (read: comical). As if getting a bipedal robot to walk and move naturally like humans isn’t challenging enough, Xiaomi is touting it as a humanoid with “emotional perception”.

Xiaomi CyberOne Full-size Humanoid Robot

It will feature Mi Sense Vision Spatial System which includes a 3D reconstruction algorithm and the Mi Sense Vision Spatial System Module. The Daft Punk-style helmet is where you will find the display module, a 2D curved OLED screen.

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In addition, it will have a dual mic setup for voice recognition, as well as vision sensors, cameras, et cetera. Xiaomi said the robot will support GPS time synchronization and it will have depth information accuracy to within 8 meters (26 feet).

The robot will be able to recognize up to 85 kinds of environmental semantics and up to 45 human emotions, allowing it to understand your mood, sense the atmosphere, etc.

Xiaomi CyberOne Full-size Humanoid Robot
Xiaomi CyberOne Full-size Humanoid Robot

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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