Remember the ZEOD RC we spoke about a few years ago? Well, to be honest, while I did write the post, I didn’t think it was so advanced until today. Sure, we all knew it was a hybrid with a radical form that could pave way for electric car 24-hour endurance race, but what we may have overlooked was the engine that powers it. The engine was nothing short of an engineering marvel, really. I mean, imagine this: a 1.5L engine that kicks out 400 horses? That some serious shit there and what makes this motor even more impressive is, it only has three cylinders and measures only 20 inches (508 mm) big and weighs at modest 88 lbs (40 kilograms).

20-freaking-inches! You know how small that is? No bigger than carry-on luggage size. Insane! As crazy as it sounds, that motor there is real and it has been tried and tested, and so, if you have been harboring the thought of an engine transplant for a high HP engine, I guess, in future (or hopefully, near future) you no longer need to worry about engine bay size anymore. Or maybe you do, cos it is probably a little too tiny for a regular bay and a whole new engine bay would have to be pressed out to fit it. Just imagine a 400 bhp Micra. Imagine that!

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Now you know, but don’t ask us where to pick out one of this little wonders cos’ it obviously in development. Who knows? We maybe seeing a ZEOD RC engine powered hybrid from Nissan in near future? It could result in sub-compact cars having more usable spaces which makes it an exciting prospect. Skip ahead for learn more in a 2014 video.

Images: Nissan.

via DriveTribe.

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