Dry Steppers Bag Keeps Sneakers Dry

Rain drives some to desperation, or should we say, it drives some sneakers lovers to desperation. Rain means wet ground, puddles of water and worst, mud – all which are enemies of sneakers lovers. They will ruin a perfectly pristine kicks and so, rain is pretty much the worst in the eyes of shoes fanatics. So, what do you do when the rain comes pouring down? Simple. Remove the shoes and stuff them inside your bag, or you could wrap your feet with grocery bags. Either way it will work to keep your favorite footwear out of harms’ way. If those don’t work for you because barefoot is a really, really stupid idea and plastic bags are not only ugly but also potentially slippery, then perhaps Dry Steppers is what have been missing from your shoes-centric life.

Dry Steppers Bag Keeps Sneakers Dry

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Not only shoes lovers will love Dry Steppers. Anyone could benefit from Dry Steppers. It serves to keep water from getting into your socks so you don’t have to put up with water-soaked shoes the entire day. Trust me. It is the worst thing to happen beside being drenched. Dry Steppers is kind of a glorified grocery bags for keeping the kicks you are wearing clean and dry in wet weather (or you could think of it as a raincoat for shoes). The difference is, it is obviously more presentable and durable, and it has proper soles that are non-slip to boot, so it is actually safer than wrapping your feet with plastic bags. It comes with an integrated zipper and a draw string top to keep water from getting to the shoes from the top.

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Dry Steppers is presented in a semi-translucent plastic with a choice of designs to choose from and it can be yours for 20 bucks. Yep. It is a real thing.

Images: Dry Steppers.

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