Usually we refrain from posting stuff of questionable origin or stuff that we can’t get hold of the origin. This pigeon shoes here, however, has weirdness through the roof and therefore, we are compelled to share it with you guys. Apparently, this pair of life-like pigeon heels are the handiwork of Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata and it is so freaking real that it may very well leave a bad taste in animal rights activists. The shoes are, of course, not made of real pigeons. Rest assure that taxidermy is not involved here; that will be gross. They are actually made by fairly regular felt materials and metal parts that are NOT harvest from any avian creature.

DIY Pigeon Shoes by Kyoto Ohata

So, what prompts a person to create such a controversial heels? Well, actually, it is for a rather interesting reason. You see, Ohata noticed that whenever she walk through an area, say a pavement, occupied by pigeons, her human presence tends to send the avian creatures scattering, possibly due to fear. If you ask me, I’d say that’s probably a precautionary measure the birds take to prevent us from stepping on them and when a few birds do so, the rest will do so even though they don’t even know what the hell is going on. It is sentient beings instinct to do so anyway.

DIY Pigeon Shoes by Kyoto Ohata

Anywho, Ohata came up with the idea of masquerading her human presence, specifically her feet, with the DIY pigeon shoes so that the next time when she walk into a pigeons filled area, she will not scare the shit out of them. We are not sure how it turns out though. From what we know, as long the pigeons know you are feeding them, they will re-congregate shortly. So, it is kind of difficult to judge if this pair of unique heels indeed work or not. In fact, we should be the one afraid of pigeons, not the other way round. Cos’ we heard a pigeon’s poops can be potentially hazardous to us humans.

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In any case, I must admit Kyoto Ohata’s DIY Pigeon Shoes does raise some eyebrows and at the same time, put a smile one folks’ faces (when they knew it is not of real birds which, honestly, anybody with the right mind shouldn’t think otherwise, really).

P.S. In case you want to experiment with it, you can check out this visual instructions on how to make your very own HERE.

DIY Pigeon Shoes by Kyoto Ohata

DIY Pigeon Shoes by Kyoto Ohata

And here’s what we thought the pigeons might think:

DIY Pigeon Shoes by Kyoto Ohata

Images: Kyoto Ohata via Bored Panda.

via Bored Panda.

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