Hard Graft Grocery Bag / Shore

Hard Graft Grocery Bag / Shore
Hard Graft Grocery Bag / Shore | £195.00 | www.hardgraft.com

grocery shopping is not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey but if you got to it, then you might as well do it with style when this worldly, inevitable chore falls upon you. and the bag to do it is the Hard Graft Grocery Bag / Shore, a grocery bag unlike the others and it is easy to see why it isn’t like the rest of the lesser grocery bags: it is composed of 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather and British heavyweight waxed cotton canvas that will offer style and durability while you go about the supermarket’s alley stuffing your weeklong necessities in. at least, you know it will beat those flimsy, eco-unfriendly plastic hands down and that’s even before taking the style-factor into account. features include extra wide shoulder straps that will not threatened to cut into your shoulders and a spacious single compartment to contain as much as items you need but folds into a compact cube with a clever magnetic closure when you don’t need it. we do not need to reiterate how your grocery shopping trip could be style-spiced with this bag, do we? though this style factor doesn’t come cheap. expect it to set you back at a good £195 each (roughly US$310) but hey, think about this: you are actually doing the environment and to a certain extent, the economy some good. something to drink to, don’t you think so? more look after the break.

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