socks are often not seen, less you where them with berms or shorts, which is kind of weird. anyway, men have issues when it comes to socks. we don’t admit or even recognize those ‘problems’, but reassure they are there and it is not going to go away anytime soon. so what exactly are the problems? firstly, men’s socks are bland. secondly, we are lacking of choices. on contrary to urban legend, men need choices too, so that our feet can feel fashionable too. with Nice Laundry Socks, those two issues are eliminated once and for all. Nice Laundry offers a series of attractive designs that speaks the man in you, and they are sold in a pack of six, ensuring that you will never run out of awesome design throughout the week, well… except maybe for Sunday, which we suppose you will be out on flip-flops. no?

any how, there is a super deal Nice Laundry is doing called the $99 Sock Drawer Makeover and as the name implies, this package gets you 18 pairs of luxury socks for just a little under hundred bucks, but the real kicker here is, you don’t even need hit the stores to grab them; you just get them online and they come to you (shopping, except for gadgets, can be quite a drag, not to mention for socks). each pair of socks from Nice Laundry is of premium quality and meticulously crafted with attention to detail such as cuff tension, heel pocket depth and et cetera, and they are available in a range of design from the mid to the wild, suitable for virtually any kind of occasions. you can get the Nice Laundry Socks today starting at just $39 for a pack of six.

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