1:43 scale Ferrari 458 Spider model with real leather interiors

Model Ferrari 458 Spider in 1:43 scale 900x600px
(image: Ferrari) Model Ferrari 458 Spider in 1:43 scale | US$322.00 | store.ferrari.com

the new Ferrari 458 Spider bears the specs and looks that will make any grown man weep with joy but sadly, not all folks can afford this exquisite ride but as a consolation, there’s a scale model for us to content with. the Model Ferrari 458 Spider in 1:43 scale is presented in the familiar Ferrari red paint job and features leather interiors for the extra attention to detail. adding to its miniature luxurious appointment, this scale model seats on display base clad in colored leather and a plexiglass shield your priced possession from the nasty dust. the price of such luxury ride cost just $322 – a fraction of what you would have paid for the 1:1 working model. more images after the break (click on individual image for larger view).
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