The One And Only Racing Boat To Have Ever Been Powered By Scuderia Ferrari Is Up For Grab

This is a Ferrari. But where are the wheels? Well, it does need any because, this handsome fellow is a speed boat, or to be precise, it is a 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat. Or to be even more precise, it is a hydroplane. Pretty futuristic-looking for something born out of the 50s, don’t […]

Ferrari’s First Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Is Also The First Ferrari With 4WD

Ferrari’s newest exotic supercar (more like hypercar, really), the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, is the Italian supercar maker’s first plug-in hybrid and also the marque’s first sports car to come outfitted with 4-wheel-drive – an inclusion Ferrari said is necessary “to allow the incredible power unleashed by the hybrid powertrain to be fully exploited.”

Ferrari Book Has A V12 Engine Book Case With Exhaust Headers Stand

There are myriad of ways to spend your riches. If you don’t know how, businesses out there will make sure you pick up the art of spending lavishly in no time. This is 100 percent true for luxury sports car maker Ferrari and no, it is not asking for upwards of 100 grand for one […]

First Images Of Droptop LaFerrari Revealed And They Are All Sold

The world is surely not lacking of petrolheads with boatloads of cash to spare. First, we read about the Jaguar XKSS continuation model flying off the showroom without it actually hitting the showroom floor, and now the same has happened to Ferrari‘s droptop version of its hybrid performance car, LaFerrari. The first images was first […]

GTC4Lusso Is The First Ferrari With All-Wheel Drive And Rear-wheel Steering

Ferrari’s chairman Sergio Marchionne was quoted saying that Ferrari will not build a SUV. He said and I quote “you have to shoot me first.” But that might change now that it is a publicly traded company and perhaps with the introduction of a Ferrari hatchback, or more gloriously refer to as ‘shooting brake’, the […]

Ferrari F80 Supercar: a Stunningly Beautiful Concept That’s Not a Product of Ferrari Design Studio

Before you go gaga over this Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept, you ought to know that this isn’t a concept product from the Maranello sports car maker and it has nothing to do with the recent Frankfurt Motor Show either. This is in fact, a product of the imagination of Italian designer Adriano Raeli. No, wait. […]

Lazzarini Design Wants to Stuff a Ferrari V8 Engine into a Fiat 500

Fiat range topping Fiat 500 Abarth growling 160 horsepower may rein supreme among the 500s, but not for long cos’ Italian design studio, Lazzarini Design, is apparently working to transplant a 4.5L Ferrari V8 engine, as found on the 458, into a Fiat 500, which will be humbly known as Fiat 550 Italia. You heard […]

First Ferrari Sergio Lands in UAE, Looks Pretty Ostentatious

The Ferrari Sergio is not for everyone. Firstly, it is not a mass produced luxury sports car and secondly, the design kind of detracts from Prancing Horse’s norm. If you think its ugly, then be thankful that there are, or should say, were only six made, all of which have been spoken for. The first […]

1,035HP Ferrari FXX K is Made for the Tracks, But Not for Competition

Based on the Prancing Horse’s first hybrid supercar, the Ferrari FXX K is set to debut next weekend at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi and will subsequently grace the world’s tracks starting next year. The K in its moniker refers to the “KERS” or kinetic energy recovery system, a feature that comes standard […]

This is Ferrari 458 Speciale A, the Most Powerful Ferrari Spider Yet and Only 499 Will Be Made

Ferrari, like Porsche, is not quite out-of-reach for the elite capitalists, but if you wish to stand out from your elite peers, or just to look good the next time you happen to appear in Upscale Living magazine, then the Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has just the ride for you and that limited […]