MENG Model, a little-known China-based model kit brand that makes model kits of military equipment, recently has some buzz – thanks to the upcoming officially licensed Evangelion model kit.

MENG MECHA-00L Evangelion Unit-01 [CH], as it is called, is based on Unit 01’s appearance in the concluding movie Evangelion 3.0+1.0 and it has quite some selling points.

For starter, it is ginormous. At 470 mm (18.5 inches or a foot and a half!), it towers over even Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit 01 figure. It also stands out as a kit with pre-painted parts that MENG claims to have a quality equivalent to finished figures without the need for painting.

MENG Evangelion Unit-01 & Transport Platform Model Kits

In addition to being pre-painted, the model pieces have hidden injection gates which means little to no touch-up jobs like filing is required. Finally, the model kit boasts movable joints made of one-piece molding technology that enhances stability and reliability, and also makes the assembly easier.

Completing the package is a full suite of accessories, including a pair of progressive knives, a Gatling gun, a pallet gun, a Spear of Cassius (or Spear of Hope as it is referred to in the Evangelion 3.0+1.0), and multiple pairs of interchangeable hands.

MENG Evangelion Unit-01 & Transport Platform Model Kits

Along with the MENG MECHA-00L Evangelion Unit-01 model kit, MENG also introduced a separate model kit of the transport platform. The MENG MECHA-003L Transport Platform is also pre-painted and has hidden injection gates, and it is even taller, coming in at 62 cm or around 24 inches (2 feet!) tall.

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The MENG MECHA-00L Evangelion Unit-01 kit has a recommended retail price of 699 yuan and the MENG MECHA-003L Transport Platform, 499 yuan, which works to be around US$104 and US$74, respectively. Both kits are scheduled to release in late June.

MENG Evangelion Unit-01 & Transport Platform Model Kits

You can pre-order the EVA-01 model kit on Hobby Link Japan for about US$110 and the Transport Platform for about US$59.

MENG Evangelion Unit-01 & Transport Platform Model Kits
MENG Evangelion Unit-01 & Transport Platform Model Kits

Images: MENG Model.

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