Remember the Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure that we said no fans should ignore? Well, we managed to secure a copy. In fact, I had it for a couple of weeks now, but decided to do a mini review today to, you know, mark the beginning of a new year. Anyhoo, let’s get on with the review.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure Review

First impression: it is huge! At 400 mm (15.7 inches) it is the largest EVA-01 model money can buy now and the best part? Assembly is not required. The figure came packed inside a 2-level molded plastic blister inside a box with some beautiful artwork.

There’s a flap on the box for those who prefer not to remove it from its plastic prison. But why would anyone not? It is a crime not to pose this bio-mecha. The posability is as promised by Bandai and high posability leads to exceptional playability. Though I doubt it is ‘play’. It is more like, well, just posing them and getting the gratification out of it.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure Review

Here’s what you get out of the box:

•   Evangelion Unit-01
•   An extra head antenna (or is it called a horn?)
•   A Pallet Rife
•   A Progressive Knife
•   4 pairs of replacement hands (spread, gun holding, chopping, clenched)
•   A very, very tiny Shinji figure
•   A clear display platform
•   A clear stand with two types of mount
•   An posable umbilical cord

The Build

The build is good, but not superb. I may be nitpicking here. But man, plastic sprue just gets me every single time. Granted, it is not exceeding expensive to warrant a flawless figure. It still gets on my nerves anyways. Sprue marks can be found on the shoulder – specifically in between the two parts, the guard on the feet, and several other places.

Some sprue marks can be pretty obvious, while some, like those on the shoulder pads, can only be noticed if you really look for them and yes, I did look for them. The sprue marks make it feel like it is a gunpla model and true enough, the plastic feels like the same material as a gunpla kit.

As for joints, they are, as far as I can tell, mostly ball joints, save for places like the knee which has a double joint. While the joints did not pass my shake test (I may be a little harsh on it), they are snug enough for any pose imaginable. Well, that is until you get it to hold up the Pallet Rifle.

The pallet rifle isn’t heavy, btw, but the right arm’s elbow is just not up to the task. Sure, it can hold it up, but with any slight bump or major movement, it will just droop back down.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure Review
Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure with RG Evangelion EVA-01 Kit


The posability of this toy can only be described as, if you see it in the TV series, it probably can be made to pose the action. Thanks to the included stand, you achieve mid-air pose too. Speaking of the display stand, thumbs up for that and thumbs up for a solid, slack-free stand.

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The stand has multiple angle and height adjustments, and each has its own locking mechanism to ensure they stay where they are. Even the waist grapple also has its own locking mechanism too.

Swapping out hands takes a bit of effort, though. The ball joint on the hands is a tight fit, but plus point for providing rubbery hands that are less prone to wearing after a few plugging in and out.

Still on the posability… the upper torso and waist have independent articulation to allow for even more posing options. Want to do a full-on bend over, or bend a little to the sides? The torso and waist articulation have you covered.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure Review
We gotta get a larger photo booth!

Finally, there’s the articulated jaw. It can open really big. Like berserk mode kind of big. In addition to the usual opening and closing, the jaw can be dropped further to reveal a full set of red teeth and gum. Gum! Imagine that!

It is a shame that the inside of the mouth isn’t painted, they are colored plastic. Likewise for the rest of the model. Hence, my observation about it feels like a pre-assembled gunpla kit. However, like the RG kit, it is pretty anime-accurate as far as colors go.

Details-wise, it has enough. However, I thought it used a little more panel lining and mechanical details, and perhaps, a little more decals. Then again, it is supposed to be based on the EVA-01 as it appeared in the newest movie and therefore, the lack of the latter is accurate. I don’t know. Not having seen the movie yet does not allow me to pass the judgment.

Here’s a summary of my take on the Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure:

• Sheer size
• Fairly solid build quality
• A fair number of accessories
• Good posability
• Quality display stand
• Teeth with gum!
• Rubberized replacement hands
• The tiny Shinji figure is a nice touch too

• Joints could be tighter
• Pallet Rife could use a little more details
• Visible plastic sprue from the molding process
• Did not pass my maybe too violent shake test
• Non-articulated chest pieces

At this point, most pre-orders have been snapped up for this figure. However, we noticed that is still listing it. If you are interested, you may want to check it out. The price is 18,800 Yen plus tax (about US$182+).

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