Louis Vuitton 4Motion sunglasses aim for the sports

Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses - Fire 544px
Louis Vuitton 4Motion sunglasses | from US$640.00 | www.louisvuitton.com
(image credit: Louis Vuitton)

sports sunglasses are the last thing you will expect from designer brand name like Louis Vuitton, but here are four pairs of sunnies from Louis Vuitton designed for high-level sports enthusiasts. each design is inspired by the individual elements of air, earth, fire and water.

the 4Motion sunglasses feature 100% UV protection with infrared blocker, anti-scratch, anti-reflection, oleo-phobic and impact-resistant. however, the highlight is the highly adjustable frames that is adaptable to “individual morphology” with multi-area adjustment including front inclination, temple curvature, height and nose pads.

with a price from $640, i guess 4Motion won’t giving Oakley a run for the money anytime soon. seriously, $640 for a pair of sunglasses?

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