Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure

Super fans of Evangelion will want to hear about Bandai Tamashii Nations’ new Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 collectible figure. The figure is based on the upcoming and highly anticipated fourth Evangelion movie.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure

While the movie’s release has been held back by the pandemic, the collabs and merchandises never stop pouring into the market. But seriously, this new Bandai Tamashii Nations Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 collectible figure could easily become the most anticipated EVA product.

Particularly for fans who demand the show of the bio-mecha’s teeth because, this big guy not only has the detail teeth sculpt, but it also has gum too! And yes, we said ‘big guy’ because, the it towers at an imposing 400 mm (1’ 3/4”).

At 400 mm, it will be the biggest EVA figure to come onto the market in recent years. Along with the impressive size are the requisite details. But perhaps more importantly, it will be highly posable and offers “unprecedented” playability. Yes. You heard that right. Unprecedented playability. Well, my expectations just went sky high.

The Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 composite material joints and contains die cast and polyacetal materials.

Finally, it will come with a bunch of accessories, including four pairs of interchangeable hands, the umbilical cord, the Pallet Rifle, a progressive knife, an additional horn, an open shoulder to mimic retrieval of the progressive knife, and a transparent EVA-theme posing stand. Absolutely gorgeous. Well, at least, it is on paper.

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The Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure is slated to release in January 2021. Already online retailers, including Amazon Japan, Ami Ami and Bic Camera, are accepting pre-order for the figure in Japan.

The price is, however, not cheap. Expect it to run you back at 18,000 yen before tax (about US$168). Having said that, your local retailers and importers, both on- and offline should also already taking pre-orders.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure

Images: Tamashii Nations [JP].