Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter

Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter
(photos: ThinkGeek) Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter | US$34.99 |

when you were a kid, remember how your parents used to tell you not to play with your food? well, now that we have all growth up, the ‘not to play with your food’ rule is no longer valid. on the contrary, it has been glorified into a pump-action shooter that fires totally harmless miniature marshmallows, shotgun-style, into the face of your enemies. meet the the Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter that features a toy-beautiful design and a pair of transparent top-rack magazines that hold 25 miniature marshmallows (that makes a total of 50 awesome marshmallow firepower), lock and ready for your food fight party. the best part is, your beloved ammo is totally mess-free and you could eat them up if you like. though we would not recommend eating anything that touches anywhere else other than your hands first. the magazines are dishwasher safe so you can clean up any residual sugary stuff before the ants get to them first. the Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter can be yours for $34.99 each. hit the jump for a (humorous) video of the Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter in action.

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