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Marshmallow Crossbow Takes Marshmallow War To The Next Level

If you have been abiding by the childhood rule of ‘never play with food’ thus far, well, then this grown up toy will likely make you forsake that rule forever. What you see here is the MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow and as the product name implies, it is a crossbow that takes marshmallow as projectile. Marshmallow shooting toy weapons are not new, but the MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow might just be a winner because of two things. Continue reading Marshmallow Crossbow Takes Marshmallow War To The Next Level

Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka

if shooting marshmallow up to 40 feet is your idea of fun, then the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka is definitely the weapon of choice for you. from the company who brought to you all-things-that-shoot-marshmallow, the Mazooka is capable of shooting jumbo size marshmallows up to 40 feet (12 meters) at a squeeze of a trigger – thanks to the battery-powered air pump that saves you the hand work of pumping and leaving you the much needed strength to take aim, RPG-style. speaking of aiming, it has a collapsible sight that lights up red to indicate the weapon is pumping up and turns green when it is ready to go. but there is just one catch: it can only load one marshmallow at a time and each ramping of air pressure takes a few seconds, which means you might be handicapped in the event that you are using it as food fight weapon. Continue reading Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka

Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter

Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter
(photos: ThinkGeek) Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter | US$34.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

when you were a kid, remember how your parents used to tell you not to play with your food? well, now that we have all growth up, the ‘not to play with your food’ rule is no longer valid. on the contrary, it has been glorified into a pump-action shooter that fires totally harmless miniature marshmallows, shotgun-style, into the face of your enemies. meet the the Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter that features a toy-beautiful design and a pair of transparent top-rack magazines that hold 25 miniature marshmallows (that makes a total of 50 awesome marshmallow firepower), lock and ready for your food fight party. Continue reading Double Barreled Marshmallow Shooter