Marshmallow Crossbow Takes Marshmallow War To The Next Level

If you have been abiding by the childhood rule of ‘never play with food’ thus far, well, then this grown up toy will likely make you forsake that rule forever. What you see here is the MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow and as the product name implies, it is a crossbow that takes marshmallow as projectile. …

Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka

need more fun ways to consume your marshmallow? how about getting someone to shoot it into your mouth with a bazooka? well, if that’s your idea of fun, the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka is the weapon of choice for you. from the company who brought to you all-things-that-shoot-marshmallow, the Mazooka is capable of shooting large size marshmallows