New Evangelion Trailer and Sketch

Here a couple new developments of the fourth and final Neon Genesis Evangelion movie, Evangelion 30 + 1.01, which will be hitting the theaters in Summer 2020. Following the teaser trailer last year and a preview of the first 10 minutes of the movie, King Records have shared a new trailer referred to as “Teaser 2.5”. Before you get all ga-ga, there’s really nothing much to go around with the so-called “Teaser 2.5”.

The 36 seconds short clip is essentially the previously released trailer with some new shots showcasing the newest design of the updated Unit-08, now called Unit-08γ. As one might have imagined, it is a pretty fast-paced “teaser”. You can have a look at the trailer embedded after the post.

In a related news, in a recent summer Lantern Festival in Japan, film creator Hideaki Anno had offered a sketch of the Eva Unit-08 from the Rebuild franchise (credit: @EvaMonkey):

Again, there’s really nothing much, but this and the teaser trailer should be just enough to keep the fire going for fans who have been waiting for the film until it eventually drops next year.

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Image: YouTube (King Records).

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