Sometimes, the pickup configuration alone would result in a guitar player accumulating a boatload of guitars. With the BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar, however, you may just be able to curb your guitar acquisition syndrome for good. It is one guitar that has all your favorite styles, from Les Paul to Stratocaster to Telecaster, covered. All you have to do is swapped the pickup modules which literally takes just seconds to do so.

BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar

Altogether, BOAZ ONE three pickup modules: Tele style, Strat style, and LP style, three body options: a minimalist winged body with built-in pick holder, a fully body design, and a speaker body with built-in speaker and amplifier, and two modular bridges: full tuning adjustable or fixed bridge.

If you combine all those options, BOAZ ONE offers you 50 guitars-in-one – all without demanding you to give up a room to store them. You literally just need a corner to store all 50 guitars. And did we mention that both the full body and speaker body comes with an integrated, retractable guitar stand? They sure do. Pretty snazzy, right?

BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar

There’s a slight caveat here, however, and that is, unlike traditional guitar, BOAZ ONE defies convention by having plastic as its main material. Clearly, not every musician will be pleased by the choice of material. BOAZ stands by its material of choice.

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The company said it has conducted countless hours of testing and together with years of experience, they somehow managed “to find a way to retain high quality sound with the same feel as an expensive wooden guitar.”

If you find by polycarbonate polymer guitar, you may want to consider picking up the BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar from Kickstarter. It is fairly affordable, starting at just $299. But if you are looking for the works, you are looking at upwards of $649. Keep going to catch the product pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of Boaz.

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