At last month Spring event, Xiaomi revealed it is going to develop and manufacture electric vehicles. Xiaomi planned to invest US$10 billion over 10 years for the development of smart EV. So, yeah, Mi car is happening, though it won’t materialize so soon.

Xiaomi Smart Recreational Vehicle

Prior to that happening, the gadget giant has unveiled its “first car”, a Xiaomi products-equipped recreational vehicle (RV), or as some would call it, a camper. Technically, this RV is not Xiaomi’s first car, but more of a mobile Xiaomi Smart Home.

What Xiaomi did was outfitting a RV with its smart products. All told, there are over 20 Xiaomi products in this compact recreational vehicle, including fan, humidifier, washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, desktop water dispenser – just to name a few.

Xiaomi Smart Recreational Vehicle

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO and co-founder, equipping a RV with Xiaomi products have been a highly requested thing by Xiaomi fans. The idea of this RV is simple: moving Xiaomi Smart Home into a camper – complete with Xiaomi voice assistant, Xiaoai.

As you would have expect from a smart home, smart features include letting you use voice to trigger, for example, movie mode which will lower the curtain and projector screen, turn on the movie projector and ambient light et cetera.

Xiaomi Smart Recreational Vehicle

One can also use voice to secure the RV. When triggered, the latter will turn off TV, air-conditioner, smart lights and smart curtains.

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At the same time, it will activate the alert mode. Sensors at the door and windows, as well as motion sensor will start working and alert RV owner via mobile phone if any abnormally is detected.

Xiaomi Smart Recreational Vehicle

And then, there is, of course, smart temperature control that would keep its occupants nice and cosy regardless of the weather.

It is not clear when this Xiaomi Smart RV will cost or when it will be available – if it will even be available at all.

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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