Xiao Qian Feng, the Chinese maker behind the wearable robot suit and Cyberpunk 2077’s Thermal Katana, has yet again blow our mind. This time, she has perfectly recreated a wearable mechagodzilla suit modeled after the mecha kaiju from Godzilla vs. Kong.

Wearable Mechagodzilla Suit by Xiao Qian Feng

It took Feng 56 days to create the suit using EVA plastic, some newspaper (as always), and gears. The suit is totally wearable, as demonstrated in the video embedded below, and it has some mechanical and electronic components that allows mechagodzilla to deploy a pair of dual-barreled guns – complete with rotating action.

The mechagodzilla suit also has a moving jaw and, of course, light up functions. One thing that I don’t understand is, how Feng managed to see the outside world with this suit. Just a thought…

Wearable Mechagodzilla Suit by Xiao Qian Feng

Anywho… while Feng is a lady, she does not take on the sexy route with this creation like some cosplayers chose to. What you see is the ferocious mechagodzilla with King Ghidorah’s mind straight out of the movie.

It looks so brilliant that, it almost look like mechagodzilla has stepped out of the movie set (or computer screen since it was a CGI thing). I’d say Xiao Qian Feng’s wearable mechagodzilla suit is on par with Krystophers’ Creations’ Fusion Godzilla cosplay suit.

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Images: YouTube (小芊枫XiaoQianFeng).

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