I am sure Godzilla cosplay isn’t new. Somewhere, sometime, somebody had done it and possibly doing it. But this latest one uncovered by comicbook.com, roaming the recent Midsummer Scream event is just too good not to share. It is so good that you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a movie prop. I mean, seriously, just look at the photos. They look like set photos if not for the people around it. Throw in some miniature set of buildings and vehicle (raging fire optional) and you get a set for a Godzilla flick.

And this cosplay does not just look good in stills; it was pretty impressive when in motion too. Save for the fact it needed a helping hand with the tail when it moved around. Christened Fusion Godzilla and created by cosplay artist Krystophers’ Creations, this cosplay was so impressive that it had gotten the attention of Michael Dougherty, director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, whom had jumped in to take a photo with Fusion Godzilla. You can check out more photos of the Fusion Godzilla on Krystophers’ Creations’ Instagram page, as well as on Facebook.

Images: Instagram (@kaijukrys).

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Source: comicbook.com.

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