Watch Talented Maker Create A Movie-accurate Wearable Mechagodzilla Suit

Xiao Qian Feng, the Chinese maker behind the wearable robot suit and Cyberpunk 2077’s Thermal Katana, has yet again blow our mind. This time, she has perfectly recreated a wearable mechagodzilla suit modeled after the mecha kaiju from Godzilla vs. Kong.

This Wearable Robot Suit Is Complex In Materials And Build, And It Look Fabulous

We discovered talented Chinese maker from the previous post last week when we saw her video of her making a robot suit on Chinese Douyin. Since it is the robot costume that has gotten our attention first, we thought we’d post this awesome creation of hers here too.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Thermal Katana Perfectly Recreated With Wood, Epoxy Resin And LED

Anyone who is looking to cosplay as Cyberpunk 2077 may want to take a cue from Chinese maker Xiao Qian Feng. Xiao Qian Feng has perfectly recreated the Arasaka Thermal Katana using good’ol wood craftsmanship, epoxy resin and LED light strip.