Looking at the COVID-19 situation, partying isn’t recommended yet. But that does not stop Sony from revealing three fit-for-home-party X-Series Bluetooth speakers. Altogether there are three models, namely, SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500.

Sony SRS-XP700 Wireless Speaker
Top: SRS-XP500; Above: SRS-XP700

All three models feature Sony’s innovative X-Balanced Speaker Units which has non-traditional, non-circular diaphragm. Sony said the non-circular diaphragm offers more sound pressure and less distorted sound by maximizing the area of the speaker. The result is a richer, clearer sound regardless of music genre.

Kicking off the series is the range-topper, the XP700 which is outfitted with three front tweeters and one rear tweeter to deliver omnidirectional parity sound “with punchy and deep bass, and plenty of clarity.”

Sony SRS-XP700 Wireless Speaker

Meanwhile, the XP500 and XG500 boasts two front tweeters that combine to offer Powerful Party Sound. The XG500 further touts passive radiators for even more clearer bass.

XP700 and XP500 are both IPX4 rated and so they should not afraid of some rain and both speakers can be placed horizontally or vertically. Whichever orientation you choose, a sensor on the XP700 will optimize the sound for that layout and provide you with great sound.

Sony SRS-XP500 Wireless Speaker

The XG500, on the other hand, is IP66 rated, making it a true go-anywhere speaker.

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Common features across all three models include MEGA BASS, integrated carry handles, all-new ambient lighting with user-selectable lighting patterns, microphone and guitar inputs for Karaoke function, Bluetooth (obviously), USB ports for play and charging, ability to charge smartphone, and Party Connect which allows you to connect up to, wait for it… 100 compatible speakers, which then sync to the music and lights.

Now, those are some serious home party speakers.

Sony SRS-XG500 Wireless Speaker

Sony X-Series Range Wireless Speakers were announced for the EU markets. Not sure when they will – if they will ever – be available in N.A. As far as EU markets go, the SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 will sell for €500 (US$604), €350 (US$423) and €420 (US$507), respectively. All three models will be available starting in June 2021.

All images courtesy of Sony Europe.

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