PC gaming has been around for 60 years, with the first games experienced were through extremely basic systems offering barely any functionality or immersion. The graphics depicted simple dots on a screen that were powered by computers that were the size of a room.

5 Ways To Help Boost Your PC Gaming Experience
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Today, the realm of PC gaming is one of the biggest industries in the world, generating billions in revenue. The games which are being released today provide players with new levels of realism, both with the graphics and gameplay making it difficult to differentiate from the real thing.

During the past year, the overall global sales of gaming PCs increased by 16.2%, a subsequent due to the pandemic and the orders to stay at home. However, this dramatic rise is expected to continue in the years to come, with experts suggesting the trend will continue to at least 2024.

One of the reasons many people enjoy PC gaming is because it is a fun way to de-stress after a long day. You can connect with friends online as you play fast-paced and interactive games. For others, playing PC games is an enjoyable experience, regardless of whether it is a multiplayer game or single-player.

Whether you are someone who is starting in the world of PC gaming or are just looking for ways to improve your performance, here are just a few ways to help enhance your PC gaming experience.

Invest In Gaming Accessories

It is possible to play and enjoy games with the keyboard and mouse that you use for work, however, they are not designed with ergonomics in mind. Gaming keyboards are the core when it comes to using your computer for gaming. Growing in popularity, gaming keyboards have an endless list of features and benefits that will be extremely helpful in your gameplay.

Various games require certain things. For instance, RPGs need complex commands to be bound to a single key, whereas FPS titles require a quick response time. This makes the switches the main priority for your board. Investing in a keyboard that fulfills your required needs will not only improve your experience but will help to boost you up in the game.

Whilst the keyboard is the main hub, the mouse is the other gaming accessory that is equally important to alter your experience. For players who are looking for ways to take their competitive FPS to the next level. Additionally, purchasing a good gaming mouse offers users better accuracy, as well as a massive advantage over competitors who are using other options that are less equipped for the game.

Wearing the right gaming headset can heighten your gameplay experience immensely. Having a good headset means you can fully immerse yourself into the game, as it offers clarity and spatial awareness. In games where hearing footsteps and voices in the distance can be the difference between (virtual) life and death, having the right gaming headset is essential.

5 Ways To Help Boost Your PC Gaming Experience
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Seek Additional Support

Almost every game will have a strategy guide or a walk through guide created at some point following its release. These provide players with the extra support to complete tasks or levels they have spent hours or days trying to complete but to no avail. However, for those who been fortunate to complete a challenging level or even finished a game and just want to achieve a 100% score for the game, walkthroughs can help to achieve that.

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Alternatively, for those who want to take it a step further, there are some hacks available for certain games that can help boost your experience. However, the risk you run with using these is having your account banned. A loophole is using an HWID spoofer, which will allow you to continue playing games on the device you might have been banned from. You can find an HWID Spoofer from iwantcheats.net to help you stay safe whilst playing.

Never Lose Your Place

For many gamers, the frustration when you go to resume playing a game you have spent hours playing only to find that your hard drive failed to save is immense. For others, the frustration is felt when they attempt to play from another PC, but it didn’t have their progress on it.

Luckily, Steam has an in-built Cloud feature that allows users to sync some of their saved games. However, it does not work for all games, so using alternative options such as saving games to a Dropbox account will help to save you from that heart-dropping moment of losing your place.

Adjust The Settings To Suit You

For every gamer, there is only a limited amount of hardware you can buy and run so far. Unless you are willing to spend thousands, you will not be able to max out the graphic settings on every game you play. The cost-effective way to overcome this is by finding the perfect settings that suit your hardware.

It is important to note that patience is key when altering settings. Understanding the purpose of each setting is a time-consuming process but it will make the process going forward smoother. In the long run, you will know the capabilities of each setting, which one causes the biggest performance hit, the ones worth the trouble and in the end, you will have a game that suits your tastes perfectly.

Keep An Eye On The Deals

Unless you strongly feel the need to play a certain game on the day it is launched, do not purchase PC games full price as they are more often than not on sale. Gaming sites such as Steam are notorious for their enticing sales, where users can buy popular titles and some slightly older games at a heavily reduced price.

To make the most out of these deals and help you save some money, there are many guides available which detail how to get the best price possible. Many will suggest comparing the price with other sites you can purchase games, but also note the importance of being aware of the length of time it takes to fully complete a game. You don’t want to be purchasing more games than you can play.

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