Three Times Technology Turned Treacherous

From a young age, we’ve repeatedly been told to put our faith in innovation. New inventions, especially in the technological world, are meant to make our lives easier, more streamlined, and less labor-intensive, not more difficult. However, what happens when our trust in technology turns treacherous?

Sometimes a faulty tech product can result in the loss of an important document, but in more severe cases the consequences are much worse. A defective product even has the power to permanently change somebody’s life. This is why we should always be cautious when using any of these potentially temperamental devices.

Let’s take a look at three times that technology turned treacherous.

E-Cigarettes and Vapes

E-Cigarettes and Vapes
Credit: Pexels (Renz).

Now that society is more educated and conscious about the dangers of smoking tobacco, many have tried to quit this bad habit. Large anti-smoking campaigns began in the 1990s after decades of nicotine marketing and advertising.

However, as we all know, smoking is highly addictive and a hard habit to kick. Some opt for nicotine patches, others for Nicorette gum, and some try the route of vaping and e-cigarettes.

E-cigs and vapes are electronic nicotine delivery systems that are operated through batteries. When these first entered the market, they were an instant hit with struggling smokers. However, with a heightened sense of popularity, comes a heightened amount of imitation.

Hundreds of vaping shops began cropping up across countries worldwide, but not all of them were abiding by the same standard of quality. Next thing you know, consumers were reporting incidents in which their smoking devices began blowing up and catching fire.

Many of these explosions caused severe burns and facial damage due to their close proximity to the face whilst smoking. In 2019, an explosion even led to the death of a man in Texas. In these scenarios, it’s important to seek out advice from professionals like the Lamber Goodnow Law Team.


Credit: Pixabay (Schaferle).

The highly popularized motorized version of a scooter, the hoverboard, became an instant success, both amongst adults and kids alike. However, these self-balancing transportation devices came with more risks than just a nasty fall.

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Just like vapes, these devices come with their fair share of low-quality, knock-off imitations. The issue with these cheaper versions is that they are made with less expensive materials and limited safety precautions.

A lot of these hoverboard devices were becoming sensitive to heat which caused them to become a fire risk. Just like your tablet or phone when it’s in the sun for too long, these hoverboards were overheating and exploding.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over half a million hoverboards were recalled due to the danger of potential fires and explosions. These explosions are caused by the lithium-ion batteries and the limited safety regulations that the devices incurred before entering the market.

There is no reason why a company should be selling a device that has the potential to blow up whilst in use. A poorly designed or badly manufactured product can put somebody’s life in danger.

Mobile Phones

Credit: Pexels (Tyler).

Nowadays, having a mobile phone is standard practice. If anything, not having a mobile phone can be considered strange. The telephone has evolved from a clunky, wired device, into a highly intelligent and portable computer.

Smartphones are constantly reinventing themselves and updating their capabilities to cope with the demands of the market, as well as the popularity of their competitors. One particular brand that found itself in trouble was Samsung with its release of the Galaxy Note 7.

Some of these phones were found to have a severe battery defect that would cause the device to overheat and combust. Given the seriousness of this issue, Samsung was forced to permanently discontinue the phone and recall all existing units.

In many of these cases, the entities responsible for these accidents are huge technological conglomerates. These large corporations are equipped with professional and skilled legal teams who will try to dispute any claims that may hurt their reputation. For this reason, it’s always advisable to see a lawyer before you try to file a personal injury claim in this jurisdiction.

Financial compensation won’t be enough to subsidize the pain and trauma of an accident, but it can help you cope with the financial burden of the experience. Many of these injuries incur large hospital bills and, in some instances, a loss of earnings. You have a right to claim these expenses if you can prove that your accident occurred as a result of somebody else’s negligence.

Featured image: Pexels (Renz/Tyler)/Schaferle.