Sony INZONE Buds Wireless Gaming Earbuds And INZONE H5 Wired And Wireless Gaming Headset

In case you haven’t heard, yes, wireless gaming earbuds do exist. These earbuds addressed the latency issue with proprietary wireless connections like FlashSpeed and LIGHTSPEED. The same goes for Sony INZONE’s first wireless gaming earbuds, INZONE Buds which boasts a USB-C dongle that claims to provide latency of less than 30 ms. So, yeah, Sony’s …

Sony Alpha 7CR and Alpha 7C II Digital Cameras Announced

Sony Alpha 7C, the compact full-frame interchangeable lens camera that so many photography enthusiasts swear by has not one but two follow-up models. Joining the Alpha 7CR series are the Alpha 7CR with a 61 MP high-resolution sensor and the Alpha 7C II featuring the latest still image and video performance.

Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System: It’s A Home Theater System Which You Can Move Around

Ever look at your home theater system and think to yourself how nice would it be if you could move it to another part of the house, or even to another house? If you have, well then, your dream has just come true with the new Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System.

Sony α6700 APS-C Mirrorless Camera: When The Full-frame Alpha And Cinema Line

Smartphones have no doubt cannibalized the camera market. But however good is the imaging technology on smartphones, it can never outperform an actual camera like the Sony α6700 APS-C Mirrorless Camera which has the regular size of everything from the optics to the sensor to the electronics.

Sony WF-C700N: Sony’s Newest Affordable TWS Earbuds With Noise Cancellation

The Sony WF-C500 is a reminder that Sony does in fact offer slightly more affordable, good-sounding TWS earbuds but the pair is basic of the basics that do without noise cancellation. The new Sony WF-C700N is also basic; it is a pair of entry-level TWS but with noise cancelation and costs just a little more. …

Sony LinkBuds S “Earth Blue” Model: Made From Recycled Plastic Water Dispensers

Remember the Sony LinkBuds S that wants you to have “a never-off experience”? If you haven’t scored one already (but have always wanted to), you may want to know a couple of months ago, Sony introduced a new “Earth Blue” model. This latest colorway of Sony’s smallest and lightest noise-canceling truly wireless headphones is made …

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