Ever look at your home theater system and think to yourself how nice would it be if you could move it to another part of the house, or even to another house? If you have, well then, your dream has just come true with the new Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System.

Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System

I believe the Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System is the first of its kind. And also it is not just any portable theater system; it boasts 360 Spatial Sound Mapping that promises to offer a new way to enjoy entertainment through spatial and room-filling sound throughout the home.

The Sony HT-AX7 comes in three parts: the main speaker and a pair of wireless rear speakers that can be placed on top of the main speaker when not in use. With wireless speakers, you are free to place whenever you want in the room to enjoy room-filling audio.

Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System

In addition to the two physical, wireless speakers, Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology creates multiple phantom speakers at the front, rear, and overhead, enveloping a spatial sound in a bubble-like sphere. Sony said surround sound sensation can be experienced simply by placing the three speakers around the room. There is no need for special installation or audio placement knowledge.

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The system further features Sony’s upmixer algorithm that can transform stereo into three-dimensional surround sound. If don’t want to take advantage of this 3D sound field, you can turn it off and instead, place the three speakers in the corners of your room to create the perfect atmosphere with a high-quality room-filling sound.

Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System

The Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System is a true wireless system that packs up to 30 hours of battery life and a quick charging feature that offers up to 2.5 hours of play with a 10-minute charge. Moreover, there’s no HDMI cable to deal with; it connects to the sources through Bluetooth.

The new Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System is available to buy now for US$499.99.

Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System
Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater System

Images: Sony Electronics.

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