How a TV Works in Slow Motion by The Slow Mo Guys

OK. Before we proceed, we have some words of warning for you guys. Do not watch the video posted below if you are somewhat sensitive to flashing lights. Any kind of flashing lights. I am not going to lie, I felt nauseous when and after watching this particular video. So, you have been warned. Now, on with today’s science lesson… As stated in the post title, The Slow Mo Guys is going to school you on how a TV, both old tech and new tech, works through the wonder of super slow mo.

How a TV Works in Slow Motion by The Slow Mo Guys

If noticed that on older videos showing CRT (Cathode-ray Tube) TV, you will notice lines are passing down from the top to the bottom of the TV. The reason of the moving lines is, the TV monitor’s refresh rate was out of sync with the camera. The concept of syncing can be seen in the footage of a helicopter that appeared have static rotor as it lifted off and a bird that looked like it wasn’t flapping. Anyways, in the case of the CRT TV, it was the opposite to the aforementioned clips.

The truth is, everything is not what it seems. Our eyes and our brains are the organs that are responsible for tricking us into believing what we see and this video here is a perfect lesson to how display technology achieve that. In the video, one part of the The Slow Mo Guys provides us an insight, albeit quite briefly, on how LED and OLED displays works. It explains how LED can never achieved true black while OLED can. It was, by far, the most fascinating and educational video from the duo.

Watch it, but only if flashing lights aren’t an issue for you. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I need to find a place to throw up

Image: YouTube.